New Studio Lighting

Recently I bought a jump starter kit from Midwest Photo which included the following.

  • LumoPro LP605S Compact Stand

  • LumoPro Umbrella Swivel w/Standard Cold Shoe

  • LumoPro LP735 3-in-1 43" Compact Umbrella

  • Phottix Ares Wireless Trigger Set

  • LumoPro 32" Padded Lighting Case

  • Strobist Lighting in Layers Flash Drive

  • LumoPro LP729 1" x 8 yd Gaffer Tape

All this costed was $147.99


For many years I have relied on natural light for all of my photographs. After some time I would shoot with a softbox on my flash. I got great results, but I also knew at some point I wanted studio lighting, possibly even a portable setup. I stumbled upon some great reviews from Strobist website and decided to purchase this kit. In my first session I achieved wonderful results. Below are a couple of shots with the new lighting.

Getting shots with this type of lighting was really easy, however with natural light it would possibly require the light to be just right, maybe post processing and adding some spotlights around their face and adding in a vignette. I am really pleased with my purchase from Midwest. The best part is I received a follow up email and even a hand written thank you card with my package. This is customer service and I will continue to buy from Midwest Photo and recommend them to my colleagues. I am not affiliated with Midwest in any way, but I encourage you to stop by their website and have a look around.


#studiolighting #newborn

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