The Delightful Collection is a set of presets and brushes I have developed over the years which applies a certain style of photography to the photos.  This collection is developed for portraits in mind. There are currently 23 local adjustment brushes and 30 presets in this collection.  I am providing these presets free of charge to anyone who would like to use them.  Keep in mind not every photograph will look great with one preset.  This pertains not only to my presets, but any other preset out there.  

The presets are non-destructive where I do not touch the exposure or the tint/hue setting.  It is up to the photographer to set the white balance and exposure first before applying a preset.

If you would like to download the Delightful Presets for Lightroom 4/5/6/CC click on the DOWNLOAD NOW  button.  You will be directed to a dropbox folder where you can save the ZIP file.  If you find the presets useful, any donation amount would be greatly appreciated.

These are the presets I currently use when editing my portrait sessions.  These presets will give me a really good jump start on setting my final tone for the image.  If I need to do any retouching on blemishes I will move to PS and fix those in there.  I believe PS does a much better job on healing than Lightroom does; however Lightroom can heal small blemishes pretty easy, I just prefer PS for that.

After downloading other free presets and purchasing a few from other companies, I was not completely happy.  It seemed every preset collection had way too many presets or useless brushes/presets and it was always hard to filter through them.  The Delightful Portrait presets tailor to my style of photography so there are not tons of presets, but just ones I really count on for 99% of my shots.

Kevin Hays

© 2017 by KEVIN HAYS 


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