Lightroom Presets

Lightroom Presets and brushes are designed to greatly enhance the beauty and artistic creation of your photographs with just a couple of clicks.  Presets will make your photo editing more effective, efficient and easier while helping you stay organized.  Below are a few of the presets and brushes for artistic enhancement which I developed for my own personal use.  While these are non-destructive presets and aim to give a certain feel to the photograph, remember a single preset will not be the best one for every photograph, no matter who designed the preset.  Presets are designed to quickly get you to the starting point and from there you may tweak it to your liking.  The presets do not touch the exposure or tint/hue settings.  These settings are usually set before applying a preset.  I have bought other presets in the past and while each one had a couple of good ones I used, it just didn't seem to be the style I use.  I hand developed each of these presets from many different photographs and it is nearly impossible to create ONE preset to look great on every photograph you come across.


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