How far in advance should I book my session?

As soon as possible!  All sessions will take place late in evening except on cloudy or overcast days.

Can I reschedule if it rains or someone gets sick?

I will not charge a penalty for sickness or weather related rescheduling.

Is there an extra charge for adding more people to the photos?

No.  You are paying me for my time at the session, not the number of people.

Do you ever host mini-sessions?

I offer mini-sessions on all but Newborn Sessions.  I want to take the time to get to know the family and this also lets you and the others relax when shooting newborns.


What should I wear?

Whatever you want!  If you want relaxed photos, come in your favorite outfit.  If you want formal, coordinate outfits such as dresses and dress pants.  Whatever you choose make sure you enjoy wearing it and are comfortable.  Here are some ideas.

  • Match your eye color

  • Black is the most flattering if you feel overweight

  • Neutral colors and earth tones are always good

  • Red is the most powerful in photos, Usually the eye is drawn toward the color red instead of the eyes or face

What should I bring to my family session?

  • Snacks for your children

  • Your child's favorite toy or stuffed animal

What can I do to ensure my session goes good?

  • Most important is to just relax

  • Be yourself and don't be afraid to let loose

  • Avoid words such as "cheese" when smiling

  • Our goal is to capture that moment when everyone is acting naturally


How long will it take for my photos to be edited?

Typically about 1 week.

What retouching will be done on my photos?

General retouching will be performed on all photos.  I will remove as many blemishes and scratches and still try to keep the skin looking natural.  Skin will be smoothed to some degree to give a softer feel.  Circles under the eyes will be lifted slightly so the individual will still have a natural appearance.

How will I see my photos after the session?

You will be able to view your photos via an online personal gallery.

When is the balance of my session due?

At the end of the photo session.  When you receive your gallery link you will also receive your paid invoice.

What if I need help ordering my photos?

Feel free to email or call if you have problems ordering prints or any other type of merchandise.  If there is something you would like to purchase, but do not see it ask and I will see if it's available to be offered.


How much are your sessions?

Please review my pricing page.

Do I have to purchase digital images?

You do not have to purchase digital prints.  I only offer digital prints with mini-sessions at this time.

Which labs do you use?

I only use professional labs whose products are produced for professional photographers to ensure your photos will be printed with the same care and quality which I created.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Typically 5-7 days.  Canvas, metal and other products typically take around 7-10 days.  Albums will take 2-3 weeks.

Why are your prices higher/lower than other photographers in the same area?

We all have different talent levels, equipment and experience.  We also take on different numbers of clients based on our business needs and capacities.

I work with only a few clients in order to give each person the best experience possible.  For each session, I devote at least 6 hours of planning, preparation, shooting, editing and presentation.

In return for your investment, I will give you first, a fun experience to remember, and second, intricately-crafted pieces of art that will stand the test of time.  You will look at your photos for years to come and smile because they so perfectly capture your beautiful self and family.  You will use your photos to tell your story to your children and their children.  You will know in your heart your portraits are absolutely priceless.

© 2017 by KEVIN HAYS 


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