Kevin is a Williamsburg, KY based photographer and is best known for his high quality photographs which capture life's best moments.   From an early age Kevin has always showed an interest in some form of art.  As soon as he could hold a pencil in his hand he started drawing.  There is just something about having the ability to take inanimate objects and make them come alive on paper. 

Kevin has studied the works of many different Artist’s including Lloyd Taylor of Williamsburg, KY, Mitchell Tolle of Berea, KY and Robert Batemen of Toronto, Canada.  Studying these Artist’s has led Kevin to develop his own unique style not only in watercolor/acrylic, but also in his photographs.

At the age of 18 Kevin was considered a Professional Watercolor Artist and Photographer.  He has won numerous awards throughout his career as an Artist and Photographer.  As the years went by he started specializing in portraits, head shots and engagements for the Southeast Kentucky community.  He possesses a strong passion for landscapes and Appalachian Heritage as well.  Kevin has a unique style of capturing the special moments we can treasure for many years to come.

Kevin is a Premier Photographer who lives in Southeast Kentucky with his wife and two daughters.   Please take a moment to check out some of his work.  Enjoy and God Bless!

© 2017 by KEVIN HAYS 


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